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Back on a VPS

I tried to move OMW to a shared hosting service in order to save a few dollars. That didn't work out at all though. MediaWiki isn't so kind to server resources and we had our account suspended. (Being that it was a shared server that's perfectly understandable.) The good news is that we're back on a VPS and we shouldn't have to worry about any downtime/suspension anymore. If you run into any problems/glitches with the move please contact me on my talk page. -Vhaeos 02:06, 11 November 2012 (EST)

Welcome to the Oblivion Mod Wiki!

You've arrived at the Oblivion Mod Wiki. We're a wiki dedicated to indexing mods for Oblivion. Currently there are 1,318 mods indexed.

  • We also now have a recommended mods section, where all of the mods that are listed have been tested and are recommended. Quite a few have reviews, too. This section is currently rather outdated and on hold.
  • We also now have a tools section for must-have utilities.
  • If you'd like to contribute to the wiki, feel free to check out our tutorials.