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Manikin Room
Author: Tom Supergan
Version: 4.1
Last Updated: December 14, 2007
Download(s): TES Nexus



This mod adds six rooms any player can access from each of the buyable houses. There are two main sections--the armory and the laboratory.

The armory is for repairing, storing, and displaying armor and weapons.

The laboratory is very useful for alchemy, enchanting and crafting.

The ingredient sorter can remove all ingredients from your inventory and store them into the appropriate jars. When making potions, the sorter can remove all ingredients, or only those with a specific effect, based on your alchemy skill level. A thumbprint is placed on empty jars so you'll know which ingredients you're missing. A set of master apparatuses on the lab table stay in place while you use them, so there is no need to pick them up and put them back down. Potions can be stored in separate containers based on attribute or school of magic.

For enchanting, there are spellmaking and enchanting altars available if you are a member of the Mages Guild and have access to Arcane University. Plenty of containers (24) on the enchanting desk are all within easy reach, while sitting or standing in one place, for storing all sorts of crafting and enchanting needs.

For those who want to plant their own gardens, lots of planter space is available in the arboretum (may be quite useful for vampires for staying out of sunlight). The Complete Gardening mod by Surfing Ape or another planting mod needs to be used to grow plants in the planters. Or you can use the CS.

The storage room can be used as an alternate display room, library, or just a place to store your extra "junk." The bookcases can automatically stack books from your inventory. It remembers the location of the last book it placed in the case, so you can come up with clever arrangements that don't have to be top to bottom, left to right. Just stack, remove the ones to want to rearrange, then restack. Any arrangement can be achieved. To start over, clear off the shelves and select the "Record as empty" option. Then it will think that the bookcase is empty again. Be sure to save before every stacking operation, as you may get undesired results.

With all the display cases, containers and bookcases (245), this mod definitely helps the organizing perfectionist. The automatic sorters sure do help!

To access ArmoryLab, just use the portal next to the front door of any buyable house. No key or anything else is required--available for use by any player.


Screenshot album of ArmoryLab.

Sample collection slideshow. You have to click "STOP SLIDESHOW" at the bottom of the page to view the captions under each shot.


Lab and arboretum walkthrough

Display rooms walkthrough


Extract the contents of the .7z zipped file into your ...\Oblivion\Data\ folder using the 7z unzipper from

Updating instructions

Major revisions (the first digit in version#) are completely incompatible with each other, so you can't switch to different major versions and keep your changes made within ArmoryLab. V1, V2, V3 and V4 are incompatible upgrades. Within major versions, the next number indicates a significant change, but only localized incompatibilities may exist, such as a table being replaced with something else. Usually, significant incompatibilities only affect one room. The third (and subsequent) digit indicates minor changes and bug fixes.


Updating from V1, V2 or V3


Updating from Prior To V3.2


Updating from Prior To V3.4

Clear off the table in the left back (NE) corner of the Weapon Display room before installing V3.4. After installing, reset alchemy jar thumbprints by doing a Retrieve All followed by Deposit All.

Updating to V3.5

Only affects Arboretum room. If you don't want the pre-planted plants, do not install the new ArmoryLab-greenhouse.esp V3.5 file. Keep the old file if you have it enabled. The windows and water are placed in ArmoryLab.esm V3.5, so you can have those features by installing ArmoryLab.esm V3.5.

Updating from V3 To V4

Not recommended. You cannot upgrade from V3 to V4. They are different mods, meaning the mod name is changed and nothing in your save file will be passed on to the new version. There is nothing in V4 that V3 doesn't have, so you won't be missing out on anything. V3 has many more options, so stick with it. V4 was created to simplify installation and configuration (just one ESP file), but sacrifices modularity and customization, and updates will be all or none (can't be selective).

Updating from V4.0 To V4.1

Only incompatible in Arboretum planters. So if you had already planted plants in there, there may be overlaps with what is pre-planted.

V3 Modules (Modular Version Only)

Required Modules

The following two modules must be enabled.

ArmoryLab.esm (REQUIRED)
Patchable master.
ArmoryLab-portals.esp (REQUIRED)
Entry into ArmoryLab.

Optional Modules

Manikin Gender

Select none or only one of the three manikin mods. If you already had one enabled and you want to switch to a different one, empty the inventory of all the manikins first.

Add pre-placed, immobile manikins on top of pedestals. This also adds Reznod's placable manikins to furniture shop vendors, since Reznod_Mannequin.esp was merged into this mod. If you were running with Reznod_Mannequin.esp and want to switch to ArmoryLab-manikins.esp, make sure to remove all inventory from your manikins first, and be prepared to repurchase them again and replace the ones you want after switching to ArmoryLab-manikins.esp, and vice versa. Running with both those mods at the same time may result in conflicts. Take care to clear all your items out of this room before enabling or disabling this mod. V3.2.1 changed the textures of the manikins to those created by Ceano.
Only male manikins will be placed in the manikin room.
Only female manikins will be placed in the manikin room.

Other Options

Any combination of the following can be selected:

Adds cloth shelves to every display case in the Armor and Weapon Display rooms. Enlarged cases in Armor Display Room so boots fit. Take care to clear all your items out of these rooms before enabling or disabling this mod.
Portal into lab2 instead of armory--load AFTER ArmoryLab-portals.esp. Convenient for players that use the lab more often than the armory.
Adds two lights to the manikin room and one light to each of the other display rooms to enhance the look of armor and weapons. Cuts framerate significantly, so check your results before and after enabling. Load after other modules so you don't get the bright ambient light settings.
Separate download. Use in place of ArmoryLab-portals.esp only if you have Open Cities.esp enabled. Or else you will end up in the Distant LOD Tamriel worldspace with walk-thru cardboard box houses.
Modder's resource for using the CS to add plants to planters
Surfing Ape's gardening mod lets you plant flora anywhere. Enable the mod so you can plant, grow, and harvest alchemical plants in the Arboretum.
Typical Configuration
  • ArmoryLab.esm (required)
  • ArmoryLab-portals.esp (required)
  • ArmoryLab-manikins.esp
  • ArmoryLab-cloth-displays.esp (also adds paintings)

Special uses (not normally selected)
  • ArmoryLab-portals-OpenCities.esp
  • ArmoryLab-enter-lab2.esp
  • ArmoryLab-manikins-all-male.esp
  • ArmoryLab-manikins-all-female.esp
  • ArmoryLab-lighting.esp
  • ArmoryLab-greenhouse.esp (adds sample plantings)

Modular Version FAQ

Lab only
If you want to use only the lab room, and none of the armory, select ArmoryLab-enter-lab2.esp and simply don't use the doors.
Lighting too bright and unnatural
Try enabling ArmoryLab-lighting.esp and make sure it loads after all the other ArmoryLab modules.
Exited to funny looking worldspace
Disable ArmoryLab-portals-OpenCities.esp.
ArmoryLab.esm (Fixed in V3.4)
If loaded after other master mods, such as Easy_Companion_Share.esm or Silgrad_Tower.esm, the Arboretum floor and walls will disappear. Fix is to load ArmoryLab.esm before any other masters so its mod index is "01," like by changing the date of ArmoryLab.esm to 2/10/2006. V3.0.1 set the date of ArmoryLab.esm to 4/4/06, which should load before Easy_Companion_Share.esm (4/15/06).

FAQ/Frequently Encountered Problems

Exiting to IC House Hang
Several reports of the load screen hanging forever when exiting the armory to the IC House have been reported. Details are sketchy, but all seem to have the Oblivion 1.2 patch installed. Two people tried the V 4.0.2 and said that version fixed their problem, but the modular V3.4.2 now just CTD with the 1.2 patch when exiting to IC. Version 4.1 removed the IC house exit option. Use Fast Travel to exit to the IC shack (Fast Travel is allowed throughout ArmoryLab).
Update 5/6/08, PM from Silverglade
Set iShadowMapResolution value back to 1024 in the INI file. With the 1.2 patch, they set it to 256, and it caused nVidia users to lockup when using doors. [Please send an email to "" if you can verify this is the fix!]
Manikins don't always go into selected poses. If another manikin is placed nexto it, it may turn to face it. If placed too close to a path node, it may jump to it. If placed next to another manikin, it may turn to face it.
ArmoryLab doesn't come with any armor, weapons, statues or ingredients. The "quest" is to collect and display your loot yourself. If something rattles around or flies out of a display case, the case is too small to hold that item. Put it in a larger case (there are eight sizes to choose from), or use the tables. All containers are "safe" (no respawning). Adjust item placement using the "Z" key (Grab).
Automatic book sorter
Compatible with Bookplacing.esm, Book Jackets Oblivion - BP.esp, AutoBookPlacer.esp. Recommended to run all of these together. Use Bookplacing.esm to memorize and restore book locations after a satisfactory arrangement is placed.
Plants grow back their ingredients like anywhere else--after three days (in-game default for cell resets) of never entering the room.

For FAQs specific to the modular version, see the #Modular Version FAQ section.

Version History

V1.0 4/30/06

  • First release, single room

V2.0 5/25/06

  • Separated into six rooms in their own cells
  • Removed lights to improve framerate
  • Changed alchemy sorter and jars
  • Added an indoor greenhouse
  • Fixed master scripts being recompiled
  • Moved portal in Imperial City to correct house

V3.0 6/4/06

  • Modularized to make it user customizable, and so future updates may not require removal of all player items before updating
  • Took Nirnroot out of sorter script
  • ArmoryLab.esm - Patchable master (REQUIRED)
  • ArmoryLab-portals.esp - Entry into ArmoryLab (REQUIRED)
  • ArmoryLab-manikins.esp: Pre-placed, immobile manikins on top of pedestals
  • ArmoryLab-greenhouse.esp: Modder's resource for using the CS to add plants to planters
  • ArmoryLab-enter-lab2.esp: Teleport into lab2 instead of armory
  • gardening.esp: Surfing Ape's mod for planting alchemical flora--use in the Arboretum room to fill the planters with plants you can harvest

V3.0.1 6/7/06

  • Changed the date of ArmoryLab.esm to 4/4/06 so it loads before Easy_Companion_Share.esm to avoid a conflict that causes the arboretum to disappear.

V3.0.2 6/9/06

  • Adds cloth shelves to every display case in the Armor and Weapon Display rooms. Enlarged cases in Armor Display room along the walls so metal boots will fit on the top shelf.

V3.1 6/18/06

  • Fixed missing interior in Cheydinhal Fighters Guild
  • Adjusted fog color, brightness and clipping distance in each room
  • Made each room owned by Player

V3.2 9/15/06

  • Added optional ArmoryLab-lighting.esp module that adds one or two lights to all of the display rooms to enhance reflections off armor and weapons on display.
  • Added optional ArmoryLab-portals-OpenCites.esp module for compatibility with Open Cities.esp V1.05.
  • Deleted ten alchemy ingredient jars (quest or very rare items); rearranged remaining ones and added four blank jars.
  • Added 18 jewelry case containers on top of the enchanting desk for crafting supplies.
  • Lowered fog in the display rooms.
  • Added a hidden door to the IC waterfront shack to anchor the ArmoryLab there on the map. This also got rid of the random, green quest marker icon.
  • Deleted unneeded objects outside of the walls (tidying up).

V3.2.1 9/17/06

  • Changed manikins' textures to those created by Ceano.

V3.2.2 9/21/06

  • Fixed Upright Display Cases' collision so items can be placed inside them.

V3.3 11/8/06

  • Added all male or female manikin modules.

V3.4 7/7/07

  • Hung paintings on walls in place of tapestries.
  • Added 3-D map of Cyrodiil.
  • Added globe of Tamriel.
  • Merged ArmoryLab-MarkEmptyJars.esp V1.0 into ArmoryLab.esm.
  • Added automatic book stacker in Storage room.
  • Fixed all-male/female mannequin names.
  • Matched fog/lighting between modules.
  • Turned off VWD flag on tree in Arboretum.
  • Removed havok from crystal in Arboretum so it wouldn't fall when loading a save.
  • Removed well water sounds from apparatuses.
  • Raised bottom shelf jewelry boxes.
  • Reduced repair hammers to 40.
  • Added pathing to all rooms but the armory (manikins would jump to nodes if placed in there).
  • Took out the OC portal mod as a separate d/l & removed dirty records.
  • Moved Umbarcadero display case name change from master to portal mod.

V3.4.1 7/15/07

  • Changed lighting in lab so jars are easier to see.
  • Moved potion jars so they can all be reached while seated.
  • Redecorated lab.
  • Added an Easter Egg.

V3.4.2 8/7/07

  • Reported by some to fix the hang with the Oblivion 1.2 patch installed when exiting to the IC House by changing the door that "anchors" ArmoryLab to a map location. Others reported it still hung.
  • Improved lighting in lab room (last change left it too bright and foggy).

V3.5 12/14/07

  • Arboretum upgraded: Added windows, water and plants, reduced fog.
  • Changed activator paintings into statics (no more hand icon).

V4.0 7/7/07

  • First release of a single ESP mod since V2.0 5/25/06.
Created by merging the following V3.4 modules
  • ArmoryLab.esm
  • ArmoryLab-portals.esp
  • ArmoryLab-manikins.esp
  • ArmoryLab-cloth-displays.esp
  • ArmoryLab-lighting.esp

V4.0.1 7/15/07

  • Changed lighting in lab so jars are easier to see.
  • Moved potion jars so they can all be reached while seated.
  • Redecorated lab.
  • Added an Easter Egg.

V4.0.2 8/7/07

  • Fixed the hang (for some) with the Oblivion 1.2 patch installed when exiting to the IC House by changing the door that "anchors" ArmoryLab to a map location. Others reported it still hangs.
  • Improved lighting in lab room (last change left it too bright and foggy).

V4.1 12/14/07

  • Arboretum upgraded: Added windows, water and plants, reduced fog.
  • Changed activator paintings into statics (no more hand icon).
  • Removed option to exit to IC house due to the 1.2 patch bug.



ArmoryLab has taken two hundred hours to assemble from the following resources. Those resources in turn took additional hundreds of hours to create.

Display Rooms
House Display Rooms 1.3 by Bipi101
Alchemy sorter and jar layout
Frostcrag Revamped [WIP] by Kyne
Alchemy jars with picture labels
INGREDIENT JARS v1.1 by Dark Jester
Alchemy apparatuses
Oblivion Static Alchemy Mod v 1.0 by Shawn Dworshak a.k.a. Academician Nwahs
Book sorter
by Horny Quintus
Reznod's Mannequins V3.0 by reznod
New mannequin textures
by Ceano
by Kay
by Trollf
Tamriel globe
by T_Templar
3-D map of Cyrodiil
by Vality7
Umbecano Display Cases (fixed collision, added shelves)
by Quarn
window mesh by Xiamara, texture by Pelagius, water mesh by Texian, resource site MORE by Shezrie
Complete Gardening V1.42 by Surfing Ape


Without these tools, ArmoryLab would never have been created (at least not to its current level of development).

Wrye Bash
by Wrye
TES4 Plugin Utility & TES4Gecko
by ScripterRon and team
by ElminsterEU
by NifTools team

Addon Mods

There is a fix for Silgrad Towers available here

A nice Alchemy Lab addon is Mark Empty Jars in ArmoryLab which marks empty Jars with a Thumb print

A change to the Armor Display Room is here: ArmoryLab Better Armory This add-on nearly doubles the available number of mannequins from 20 to 38 and replaces the pedestals with smaller ones.