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Well, I'm one of the admins here at the Oblivion Mod Wiki. If you need to contact me & I seem to not be visiting the wiki, feel free to email me at I apologize in advance if my response is slow. (Which is entirely possible.)

Access Keys

I'm just putting these links here for further reference by myself. May setup some access keys at some point in time.

Link List.

This is a list that I gathered just by bookmarking 11 pages of [REL]/[RELZ]/[REL/BETA]/[RELZ/BETA]/[BETA] threads. It's quite likely that there will be duplicates, and mods that're already on the Wiki, but, yeah. I also know it's not categorized at all. But, I mostly just made it for my self to work off of. But, if other people want to work off it, too, that's great. If you add one of these mods to the wiki/clear it as already being here. Please strike out the URL. (<strike>url</strike>.)

Currently there aren't any links. The wiki was down so long, that all of the threads have been pruned.

Deleted by accident

I deleted Talk:Main Page/Archive 1, because someone posted spam on it. I am not able to restore that page (I can't undelete it). Maybe you can? I suspect there was once useful information on it. Kind regards, Smile4ever (talk) 08:51, 23 January 2015 (UTC)