The Great Horse Compilation

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Author: Mavoss
Version: 2.0
Last Updated: June 10th, 2006
Requires: The Official Horse Armour Mod and Horse Compilation Resources
Download(s): TESSource

Requires: The Official Horse Armour Mod and Horse Compilation Resources.


This compilation is based around the DLCHorseArmor.esp file, which is part of the official Bethesda Horse Armor plugin. Unless you have the official plugin, this mod will not function properly, as it is tailored to the modifications that Horse Armor adds.


Since many of the good horse mods overlap in some fashion and can cause conflicts, the Great Horse Compilation is a mod that combines them in such a way as to minimize and eliminate errors. Armored horses as well as the unarmored ones are altered.


All DLCHorseArmor-HC Versions

Include the following:

  • Slof's Horses + Armored
  • Legion Horses Armored
  • SaddleBags v2.2
  • Faster Turning Horses
  • There's a new global HCPlaySounds 1: enabled - 0: disabled. enabled is default
  • There's a new global HCShowmessages 1: enabled - 0: disabled. enabled is default

Shadowmere is not essential (see Tutorial!) No nightmare meshes supported (will be changed soon!)



  • Where is My Horse?
  • Horse Whisperer Ring from Call Steed 3.0a

New in 1.1

  • Legion Horses now use their own meshes.
  • The ring doesn't use a biped slot, so it can be worn as a 3rd ring!
  • The CallSteed Quest is gone. The ring is given to you by the "Where is my horse?" quest!
  • The HC globals are used. Also sounds are enabled now!



  • Horse Commands 1.4x
  • Legion Horses Armored

The Horse Commands version used is in between 1.41 and 1.43. The author has mainly used 1.43, but also a bit from 1.41 and doesn't support the armor beta!


  • Oblivion (of course!)
  • Bethesda's official Horse Armour mod
  • Compilation Resources

Files Included

  • DLCHorseArmor-HC1.1.esp
  • DLCHorseArmor-HC2.0.esp

You, of course, must rename them to "DLCHorseArmor"

  • HC Readme.txt - this file
  • HC Resources.txt - where to find all the files on your own
  • HC Tutorial.txt - you may want to read this
  • Some readmes from included mods. The author stripped things not included/install guides/conflicts and commented on some things.


  • If you use a Saddle Bags mod do the following BEFORE you start:
    • Load up your latest save game and take all of your items out of your saddle bags. You can drop them on the ground if you need to.
    • Save and exit Oblivion.
    • Start Oblivion and uncheck just the Saddle Bags esp!
    • If you use a SaddleBag version based upon the DLC load the official DLC instead!
    • Load up your new saved game, save in a new save game slot and exit again.
    • With the console you can give a save game a name like: (~) save clean-horse-save
  • Uncheck all kind of horse mods! No other ESPs are needed! Most other mods changing any horse will conflict!
  • Rename one Compilation to DLCHorseArmor.esp and copy it to your "Oblivion\Data" directory
  • Activate it in the launcher


To remove the Compilation from your DLCHorseArmor Plugin, Load up Oblivion and remove all of your items from your Horse's saddle bags.Save into a *new* saved game slot and exit oblivion. Copy your original DLCHorseArmor.esp backup file into your Oblivion\Data directory and overwrite the one that is there.


About Horses turn faster
The author changed the GMST iHorseTurnDegreesPerSecond from 45 to 90. If you don't like it.. strip the GMST record or better find your most liked value for this!

Save game
It's really a good idea to create a *new* save games with the plugin enabled. If problems occur you can go back to the point before you enabled the plugin.

'If you use any DLCHorseArmor, modified or not
DON'T deactivating DLCHorseArmor, load, save, reactivate! Your armored horse won't like it! If you need to unload things like for an SaddleBag upgrade load the official esp instead!

Your own horse armor textures
For this you NEED a good archive invalidation method! See resource file readme!

Also see my Tutorial.txt!


  • goes to _bell_ for the base of this compilation and the script merging! good work!

And of course to

  • AlienSlof [for the meshes and textures needed but not included ^^]
  • MaboroshiDaikon [Saddle Bags v2.2]
  • scruggs [Where is my horse]
  • mcallon [Call Steed 3.0a]
  • xebeth [Horse Commands]

Mods Used

SaddleBags + WhereIsMyHorse + HorseWhispererRing


Where is my horse

Call Steed 3.0a

Horse Commands