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Author: Veritas_Secreto
Thread(s): Official Forums
Version: 1.05 (Final)
Last Updated: August 9th, 2007
Download(s): Official website



TNR (Tamriel NPCs Revamped) is an NPC total conversion mod, effectively rendering exactly 1,237 NPCs from all playable races more handsome or pretty, fearsome or pitiful. This mod owes its appearance upon the TES modding scene to the many fans and forum members that provided me with helpful advice and input in regards to how certain NPCs should look. Without input, this would have not come to fruition. NPCs within each race are now far more distinguishable from one another, and unlike vanilla Oblivion, the races themselves are now much easier to distinguish from each other.

This is now the officially final version of TNR for Oblivion (excluding the Vampires and Shivering Isles, which should begin this fall). This ESP now contains 1,237 heavily revamped NPCs from all ten playable races: Imperials, Bretons, Nords, Redguards, Altmer, Dunmer, Bosmer, Orcs, Argonians, and now, the Khajiit. Mod development time: over 1,550 hours - not including those spent in Photoshop making the montages and writing text. It's been one hell of a journey, lasting from September of 2006 until August 6th 2007.

Interview with Veritas_Secreto at BethBlog.com



The short version:

Conflicts with any large overhaul mod. Use Wrye Bash to merge, then it works fine.

The long version:

Will this mod work seamlessly with other mods out there? It will unless that mod changes anything related to NPCs. This means that if you're one of the several tens of thousands that enjoys OOO, Francesco's, MMM, and other large overhauls, default TNR mods will most likely conflict. The good news is that since TNR is now community property, I anticipate and hope that the creators of these wonderful mods will find ways to incoporate TNR faces into their mods and release these to the community - or provide detailed instructions on doing so. In this regard, few people have been as instructional and quick to assist as Wrye (the creator of the excellent WryeBash program).

So. In short, unless TNR is merged with the latest version of Wrye Bash, conflicts with large mods such as Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, Francesco's item, creature and loot items, as well as MMM and others are a certainty. They will occur.

You may visit the official TNR homepage for more information and a guide on how to merge TNR with mods like OOO, Francesco's or MMM.

Guide to Wrye Bash

The following gems of information are from Wrye himself.


Assuming you already have the recent Bash installed:

  • First, UNcheck the TNR mods in the main Mods listing. This will cause the Bashed Patch to completely merge them into itself when it's updated.
  • Second, make sure that your TNR mods are in correct load order. The newest mods should have more recent dates. (This is so that changes from e.g., TNR Bretons override the merged TNR All Races.) For more info on sorting, see Set Load Order.
  • Next, find your Bashed Patch file (most likely near the end of the load list). If you don't have one, then copy the blank one from Oblivion\Mopy\Extras to your Oblivion\Data directory.
  • Right click Bashe Patch and select 'Update Patch...'
  • Turn on the "NPC Faces" patch component. (You may want to turn on other patch components too, e.g. leveled lists).
  • Click OK to update the patch. Faces from the TNR mods will be grabbed from TNR esps, merged in on top of any other changes to those NPCs (e.g., from OOO, UOP, MMM, etc.) and included in the update patch mod.
  • Be sure to include the Bashed Patch esp in your load list!


If you ever need to update the Bashed Patch in the future, just select it, do "Update Patch..." and click Ok. The Patch will remember its last configuration.

Face Copying

Many people are interested in using TNR faces for their own player characters. Bash has long allowed importing faces from special mods, but it now also allows you to import faces from any mod with NPCs. So:

  • Go to saves tab
  • Right click on savegame and select "Import: Face"
  • In the dialog, navigate to the Oblivion data files directory and select a TNR mod.
  • Select an npc to import and click "Import".

Future plans

Now I take a short break, and get on the ball with my team. The next TNR file to come will contain something Oblivion has been screaming for: sexy vampires!!! Expect that ESP to be out in June sometime - though I wish to emphasize that all team members may need additional time, in which case I will gladly grant it to them.


I am only glad to have contributed to the TES series with what modest modding talents I have. It has been an honor. Many thanks go to: MorgaineLefay, Bonk, Last Psychopomp, Martigen, Migthegreat, Wrye, Stammd, Sh4rp, Arbiterofchange, Argochris, PinkDragon, Malacath, Gen_Lee, Scruggs, Simbacca, and many others for their continuous feedback and support.

A huge thanks to Bethesda Softworks and their staff for their efforts and in deciding to include the game editor for the game.