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Author: AlienSlof
Version: 1.0
Last Updated: April 25th, 2006
Download(s): TES Nexus


I was delighted when Oblvion had horses in it, but then was disappointed when some of them were a bit on the purple side! After a steep, and often frustrating learning curve, and getting my head around a different way of working, I made a start on dealing with the purple issue. At first it was just going to be a simple replacer, just simply replacing textures without needing an esp. This would have been a lot of effort and faff unpacking bsa's or editing invalidation txts, so I decided to go down the esp road instead. Cue more frustrations and a temporary shelving of the project (again) until I could figure it out. Doing it this way means I can provide lots of different options. Firstly, I've made the player-owned horses unique, with their own markings and colours. Where the same type of horse is sold in different places, where you purchase the horse from will have a bearing on its colour.

For example: Bruma and Leyawiin both sell paint horses. With this mod, Leyawiin's horses are brown and white, from Bruma they are black and white. This only happens for the player.

I've also removed the saddles from the pastured horses, since a horse doesn't wear a saddle 24/7. They are only saddled up for the player and other riders. Unicorn and Shadowmere are unique. A version with player-owned horses marked essential (god mode!) is also available.

This is the base version, playable and can be used as a modder's resource.

I will be adding a few entirely new horses into further versions, mostly as wild herds and 'easter egg' ones that the player can find and ride.

Shadowmere, the Dark Brotherhood horse, will come as nightmare with flaming mane and tail (bareback).

Special note: the horse's name can be changed in-game by using the console (~) and typing: setactorfullname horsename - if you want a name of more than one word, then type: setactorfullname "horse name" with the quotemarks. I could change the names in the editor, but this way allows players to choose their own names.


Prior Marborel's horse: