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Administrators (also known as Admins, System Operators or Sysops) are editors who oversee the day-to-day running of the site, they have the ability to protect and delete pages, block malicious users, and undo these actions as well. By default, administrators are appointed for life, but may step down at any time.

This is a list of the current sysops on the OMW (an automatically generated list is also available from Listusers). If you need to tell them something or request their services, feel free to contact one of them.

Administrator Responsibilities

The community looks to administrators to perform essential chores and tasks that require the extra tools that administrators are entrusted with. These duties include:

  • Deleting Pages: Administrators are responsible for monitoring the pages marked for deletion and carrying out any requested deletions.
  • Blocking Users: Administrators are able to block users in cases where it is necessary to prevent damage to the site.
  • Protecting Pages: A limited number of pages on the Wiki are protected, usually these pages are frequent targets for vandalism and protection ensures that only established registered users can edit it.
  • Editing Protected Pages: Any edits to fully protected pages need to be made by administrators.
  • Patrollers: All administrators are also automatically patrollers.
    • Administrators have access to one additional feature when monitoring recent changes made to page: they are able to "rollback" any edit as long as it is the most recent change made to a page. This is only intended for use with vandalism. In the case of a vandal who quickly changes a large number of pages, the "rollback" feature allows the vandal's work to be reverted very efficiently.

Finally, since administrators are expected to be experienced with the procedures of the Wiki, editors will often turn to one when they need information or advice.

  • Server Access - Only Vhaeos has full access to the servers on which the Oblivion Mod Wiki runs, including the ability to update and configure all of site's operating software.

Vhaeos is the founder and owner of the site. Therefore, he is legally and financially responsible for the site, and has complete authority regarding all aspects of the site (including the wiki and all other content hosted on the site).

Administrative Conflicts

If an administrator has a disagreement with another administrator's actions, it is recommended that the second adminsitrator contacts the administrator who carried out the orignal action, ask why the first administrator chose that course of action, and point out what other alternatives there may have been. If the first administrator agrees, it should be left up to the first admin to undo their own actions. If there is no agreement, the decision may be reffered to the rest of the community.

If you believe that another administrator has in some way undone one of your administrative actions, it is best to assume that the administrator was not aware of your previous action. Do not override the new action; instead, explain the situation to the other administrator and follow the same guidelines as in the previous paragraph.

If two administrators can not reach an agreement on what is appropriate, other administrators may be asked to provide their opinion on the situation. As a last resort, Vhaeos can be asked to provide arbitration.

Things to remember

  • A genuine administrator will never ask you for your password.
  • Administators are not paid for what they do here, they are volunteers like every other editor.
  • Having administrator rights is no big deal
  • Impersonating an administrator is a blockable offense (so no bright ideas!).