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Author: Gamerkane
Version: 2.0
Last Updated: 2nd January 2007
Download(s): TES Nexus

General Info/History

V 2.0

This version is pretty much a complete overhaul of the Nexus. This version includes:

  • a training hall (4 enemy combatants for training archery, melee, and armor)
  • living quarters (bed, storage)
  • alchemy and magick labs (ingredent storage chests, equipment, enchanting and spell-making books)
  • storage basement (12 containers, 4 display cases)
  • 20+ new items and equipment (5 armor/clothing, 12 weapons, 3 misc items, and several hidden treasures)

Like I said, the Nexus has been completely redone. None of the interiors are the same. The out-going portals have been changed into doors in the style of each particular city, so you can tell where each one will go just by looking at it. The storage basement has eight chests, four cupboards, and four display cases. Five weapons are included in here (I haven't quite got the hang of balancing weapons so they seem overpowered, even maybe god items). The living quarters is a Skingrad style house with a bedroom/dining area, archery range, and a room for enchanting, spell-making, and alchemy. There are at least six containers in the living quarters. The training hall has three captive bandits and a rat that should help you increase your skills. There is more instructions on what to do there in a note on the table in the hall.

All containers are safe to use EXCEPT those in the training hall. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for anything that I may have tucked away for you to find. Right now there are five things that are hidden throughout the Nexus. Some things you may find in passing, others you will have to search for.

V 1.1

Added and/or modified the following to the main room of the Nexus:

  • added a gate in front of the fireplace
  • changed the values of the gems so they are proportional to the size (i.e. ten times larger than normal=ten times more valueable)
  • added an alter with two books, one for spellmaking and one for enchanting
  • added a new weapon
  • added a respawning container filled with soul gems
  • added some atmospheric type stuff to add to the ambiance

Also, I changed the Ring of the Vipereye so it's no longer a quest item.

V 1.0

This mod adds a means to travel faster around Cyrodiil by adding a network of teleporters. Each buyable house now contains a teleporting pad that will take you to a central hub from which you can go to any other house. I have found that most of my travels center around, or closely involve, one of the major cities, so to cut down on travel time I decided this was the best option.

The mod itself is fairly simple. In each house there is now a teleporting pad that will take you to the Nexus, which is basically just a room with eight teleporters in it. You come in through one teleporter and leave through one of the other seven. Very simple but very useful, especially if you are on a time sensitive mission. However, this does allow you to access houses which you don't own. I haven't found this to create any problems, but occasionally an NPC will find their way through the Nexus. But again, this hasn't made any problems that I have found.

In addition to the teleporters, there is a chest at one end of the room labled "drop chest" and some gems on the floor. I put the chest in there simply because I wanted a place to dump items into the game. It works quite nicely, too. I have left a suit of playable Palace Guard armor in it. As for the gems, really can't miss them. (Try bowling with the pearl.)


Bethesda Softworks Adobe Photoshop CS Me (Gamerkane) Surtan


Anyone can use this mod for their own purpose, in part or in it's entirety, as long as you include this readme in your release and credit me as its creator, either as Gamerkane or Bryan Jarvis.