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Author: xebeth
Version: 0.3
Last Updated: April 16th, 2006
Download(s): TES Nexus, Author's Site (0.2), Author's Site (0.3)


I think nowadays most people prefer "Map Marker Overhaul".


This mod adds a spell to the game: Place Marker. It will be added automatically within 5 seconds.

Place Marker (5 mp)

Effect: Places a sign with the chosen tag.


  • Dungeon
  • Oblivion Gate Closed
  • Loot Cache
  • Explore Here
  • Quest Related
  • Creatures Type (Bandits, Beasts, Conjurers, Goblins, Necromancers, Vampires)

The marker can be associated with (or dissociated from) a map marker corresponding to its tag. You can destroy the marker at any time. Markers can only be associated when you are in the wilderness.




  • Created a model for the marker
  • Created custom textures for the signs.
  • Added "Quest Related" and "Creatures Type" tags.
  • Removed the item/spell requirements.


  • Map Markers now show instantly on the compass/local map.


  • First beta

Future Development

  • I'm trying to figure out the best way to add more map markers.
  • I plan to add 8 map markers per tag except for "Oblivion Gate Closed" which will have 16.


This mod shouldn't conflict with any other.


The authors of Nifskope: thanks to their tool I was able to make a custom model for the markers.


Review by Galahaut

This is another one of those mods that I feel should have been a part of the original game. Map Markers allows you to place some custom markers through use of a spell, Place Marker. While the method used to create this mod does not allow infinite freedom, I still find it useful. You can only choose from a selection of pre-determined map markers. Dungeon Cleared, Oblivion Gate Closed, Vampires, etc. After placing a marker, you can choose to associate it with a map marker, destroy it, or leave it as is.

Now, for the most part, I never associate the markers with map markers. I don't really want to clutter up my map, and I would feel "cheaty" if I could teleport around everywhere to my custom markers. I simply use these markers as signs. If I know an Ayleid ruin is quest related, I'll stick a "Quest Related" marker up near the entrance, but will not associate. Then, if I return later, I can simply look at the sign to see that the ruin is quest related.

Of course, you could use this mod however you want to. Add markers all over the place, associate them all. Use a marker once, never use any others. Only use the creature markers. Anyway, the only real problem I have with this mod is that the...detection area? of the marker model is really small, and near the ground. What I mean by this is, you don't get the activation icon and description of the marker unless you target your crosshair at a small, specific area of the marker near the ground. It can get sort of annoying, but it is only a minor problem.

Review by Lachlan

This is an awesome mod. It adds the perfect amount of map awareness needed to play oblivion more efficiently, apparently more then Bethesda wanted aye? ;)

But one suggestion: I recommend you add alchemy markers. Although this is rather difficult because of the different variations of herb etc.

But imagine how handy it will be, e.g. Say I'm looking for nightshade. I will wander around a certain area and find some plants. I will then place my "NS" marker there. And in 72+ hours, i can look for the nightshade plants, and know exactly where they are.