Kvatch Aftermath

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Author: giskard
Thread(s): http://www.theengineeringguild.co.uk/showthread.php?296-Kvatch-Aftermath
Version: 7.7
Last Updated: May 19 2010
Requires: Oblivion 1.2.416, CURP V2.2, Shivering Isles
Download(s): The Guild http://www.4shared.com/archive/3mnTU1EO/kvatch_aftermath_78.html


Cyrodiil Upgrade Resource Pack REQUIRED!


Kvatch Aftermath is a fully functional city with shops, citizens, guards, guilds and quests. Far too many to mention here. In it you become the Count of Kvatch and restore Kvatch to its former glory by performing those quests and in doing so you will attract new guilds and merchants to your city.


Kvatch Aftermath is a Quest/City mod with well over 300 new NPCs and well over 100 new locations (lots more, I gave up counting them). The the entire city is carefully scripted to bring it to life with NPCs created to support that scripting and interact in ways so the city appears real and life like, only the frames per second most computers can handle limits my work in this area in this mod (Imagine what I could do if we all had super fast computers, shame...). Some have called this mod Eye candy, it is certainly not that, that is not my area anyway. If it is eye candy then that eye candy is a bonus to the features I have added to it. This mod represents an attempt to bring to life a whole city and make in integrate with the world around it via my Cyrodiil Upgrade plan (see my website for details on this).

It features a gripping plot for those that do not skip right past it using too many in game "Waits". It tries to immerse you in the feeling within the city after the attack and attempts to let you control the cities rebuilding via a series of realistic quests to first rebuild the guards barracks, then restore destroyed areas of the outside the city, upgrade the slum to normal housing and establish an industry to support the city and pay for the day to day running of it. You will take control of the city and ensure it becomes all it can be. Then you will defend the city in the final Epic battle that restores the citizens pride in their city and lifts it from the darkness in to the light. Immersion fans who are not immersed in this story are dead immersion fans.

Kvatch Aftermath contains fully voice acted content for all NPCs in this mod. The Citizens of Kvatch have a weekend market, some go to church when the church bell rings on sunday morning. As count you can invite the local Nobles to dinner or summon your court to your throne room and watch them all line up nice and neatly. Decide what banners should fly in your great halls or just go and relax and watch the dancer entertain you whilst you have a beer from the bar.

If you are really bored one night, get Talkie Toasters "Companion share and recruit" mod V2.1 (The old version is best for Kvatch) and change all the equipment, clothing and armour on every NPC resident of Kvatch that shows has having a crown when you point at them (Marked as essential) and know they will never EVER lose the equipment you give them because that setting means they NEVER respawn, NEVER die. It also means you have to repair their equipment too, so you need Toasties mod anyway. Yes you can have Kvatch as a holy city dedicated to the Nine, full of good pure thoughts or you can whip out the G strings and make everybody a prostitute if you wish. It is entirely your choice, either is fully supported. Try trying some NPCs in Armour and giving them cloths too and watch them change in to their cloths when they finish their day time jobs. Most NPCs have this feature built in to them in this mod.

You can also order your Knights to follow you when you have earned them or read about your heroic actions in the Black horse courier as the events happen. The detail here is very fine indeed and many users blink and miss it. Seeing only the features under the giant neon signs that I sometimes leave for them. This is a city designed to be lived in not visited, you may visit a city in Chorrol but how many actually make you want to go for an afternoon stroll and just have a drink at the local bar.

Notes by the Mod Creator

If you are using a version older than 6.0, you should do a complete mod reset before upgrading to fix the corruption caused by a mod clean in the 5.x releases. The visible symptoms of the need to do a mod reset are floating crates where lights should be inside kvatch.

I should stress that it is NOT SAFE to clean scripted mods or quest mods using tools. You must understand quest mods and some scripted mods update your saved game. If it becomes corrupt, then the information sent to your save is corrupt. And you get this problem.