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Author: Kobu
Version: 2.4.1
Last Updated: August 12th, 2006
Download(s): TES Nexus, TES Nexus (OBMM installation script), Planet Elder Scrolls

Version 2.4.1

Full Readme: [1]

KCAS changes the way your character gains levels and increases attributes. I don't like trying to balance my skill training before leveling just to get the special modifiers. I eliminated that element of the game so that it is possible to make just the character you want without worrying about what skill you advanced when. This mod is useable by new and existing characters.

The Character Advancement System consists of a modular character leveling mod and multiple character related options and enhancements. There are many configurable options, several pre-build configurations, and thousands of combinations possible. The only required file is Kobu's Character Advancement System.esp. All other files are optional and provide additional customization if desired. See the "Includes" section below for details on each file.

KCAS is a "Character Leveling Mod" and is compatible with "Leveling/Scaling" mods that do not affect character attributes or level. It is not fully compatible with mods that make use of ability fortification spells (these add directly to base scores) and should not be used in conjuction with other Character Leveling Mods. The optional/standalone plug-ins such as the Slower Skills however can be used with other Character Leveling Mods.

In KCAS, skills directly affect your attributes. Each attribute except for Luck has three skills associated with it. See the skills menu for each skill's governing attribute. When those skills increase, so does the attribute. Luck is increased as your other attributes increase (this can all be modified with through option menus, presented as chapters in the Book of Destiny). You will be alerted to attribute advancement with a message at the top of the screen, and a message box when you gain a level. Attribute and level gain rates vary depending on your inital scores.Health, unlike in standard Oblivion, is retroactive in regards to Endurance gain. This means that anytime you gain Endurance, Health is increased for each level you currently have and not just for levels you will attain. The maximum level is 50 which is reached when all major skills are maxed. If you do not install levelup_menu.xml, you will see the normal level-up menu each level but will only be able to add +1 to any attribute you choose.

The formula for determining Health is: Endurance x 2 + Endurance / 10 * Level

When you first load an existing character or exit the sewers with a new character, a message box will appear. This will signal that the character information processing has begun. KCAS is designed to be immersive so these messages have a roleplaying flavor to them. You will see the level-up screen, but it does nothing at this point. You will then be asked if you want to use any optional settings. These are explained below in their own sections. To view the customization menus again after you begin playing, simply cast use the minor power "Alter Destiny".

Birthsigns that give attribute bonuses will be correctly added even if you max out an attribute. For example, with The Warrior, it is now possible to have 110 base Strength. Oblivion does not normally account for birthsigns in this way and limits base attributes to 100 despite birthsigns.

Vampirism is now a disease rather than an ability. This was changed to avoid issues with detecting and dealing with base attribute and skill scores. The vampirism script should handle re-adding the disease should it be cured. Some mods that change or add to vampirism may not work correctly. This can be remedied in general by changing the vampirism abilties to diseases in the Construction Set. ParasiteX's update to Kiyoshi's New Vampires is known to be compatible with KCAS.

Please check for newer versions at these locations:

TES Nexus




KCAS will detect all standard birthsigns. If using a modified or custom birthsign, you should use this menu in order to set the correct bonuses and maximum attributes.

Change Birthsign, Class, Race:

These show the standard menus and allow KCAS to process changes properly.

Derived Attributes:

You can assign per level bonuses to Health, Magicka, Stamina (Fatigue), and (Maximum) Encumbrance. In standard, only Health has a per level bonus which is 1/10 of Endurance.


You can view attributes and skills gained during the current level, the previous level, since loading KCAS, and also attribute gain rates. You can also view the number of skill or attributes needed per level, how many have been gained, how many more are needed for the next level, and how many levels have been gained in total.


You have the choice of using major skills, specilization skills or attributes. Default uses major skills. Each method uses variable skill or attribute increases depending on your starting stats.


Your luck score is normally calculated as an average of your other attributes. Adventurer Method uses game statistics like fame, creatures killed, places discovered, houses owned, artifacts found, among other factors to determine your luck score each time you gain a level. You are still guaranteed to reach your luck cap by level 50 if you chose this option. The third option is gaining +1 Luck per level.

Maximum Attributes:

This option will allow you to use the racial caps determined by your character's race's initial attribute scores. 40 is the average starting score and will give a cap of 100. Each point above or below the average adjusts the cap by the same amount. 50=110, 30=90, and so on. Ignoring the racial caps will make your caps the normal 100 plus any bonuses from birthsigns.

You can also enter a custom race's starting attributes to determine the caps, or set caps directly. Oblivion has a limit of 255 for any attribute, and the cap cannot be decreased below your current attribute score.

Maximum Level:

Select the level cap. You cannot set the cap lower than your current level or higher than 255.

Recalculate Attributes:

Using this option will set your attribute scores to what KCAS would normally calculate them to be. This will instantly raise or lower your scores depending on how high your skills are, the skill percentages you chose, and the skill distributions. KCAS normally only raises attribute scores from their original settings during normal game play. For a new level 1 character, this option should only be used by experienced players who want a much more challenging game.

Skill Distributions:

Each skill is normally assigned 100% to a particular attribute. This allows you to have an skill contribute to an entirely different attribute, or to more than one attribute. You can set contributions between 0 and 255 percent.

Skill Percentages:

You can specify what percentage major, minor, and specialized skills give toward attribute gain. Default is 50% for major and minor, and 0% for specialization. Because both major and minor skills can be specialization skills, setting specilization skills to a percentage will increase the attribute gain for both. Please be very sure you understand how this works before setting these numbers.

You can also specify skill percent bonuses to particular skills. For example, if you want your blade skill to determine strength by itself, you could add a bonus 50% to the blade skill. By lowering major, minor, and specialization skill percentages to 0, you can use bonuses to directly specify the percentage that each skill contributes to attributes.

Specialization Skills:

This allows you to choose what skills count as specialized for the specialization skill leveling method and attribute gain skill percentages. This does not change the bonus to skill gain for your actual specialization skills. You can select all 21 skills, or none. Unselecting all specialization skills in conjunction with specialization skill leveling will stop level progression entirely.

Paths Of Destiny

Paths of Destiny are preset configurations. Selecting one will revert all options to default with the exception of birthsign and maximum attributes and then apply it's particular customizations. Each path is detailed below. After a path is selected, you can use the menus to tweak the settings determined by the path. These default options can be restored by chosing the Peasant King path.

The Peasant King:

Selecting this sets options back to KCAS defaults. These are:

Major skill leveling. Luck is based on attribute average. Maximum Level is 50. Skill distributions are set to Oblivion standard (e.g. block contributes 100% to endurance and no other attributes) Skill bonuses are all set to 0. Major skill percentage: 50. Minor skill percentage: 50. Specialization skill percentage: 0. Specialization skills are as you selected when KCAS first loaded. Only Health has a per level bonus which is 1/10 Endurance.

The Edge of the Warrior:

Blunt, Blade, and Hand to Hand are all given a bonus of 17% towards strength. Good for players who wish to max Strength without using more than one weapon type.

The Great Wheel:

The Great Wheel is a skill redistribution path. It was created by putting the attributes in a ring linked this way:

Strength - Endurance - Willpower - Intelligence - Personality - Agility - Speed - Strength...

Each attribute has two attributes with strong associations, two with weak, and two with no associations. Strength for example, has no association with Personality and Intelligence. The three skills assigned to an attribute were then assigned across these associations. One was assigned with an even distribution, and one was "wheeled" up and one down. It is not designed to be an entirely realistic distribution, but it continues to follow the main intent of the developers while allowing skills to affect more than one attribute. Each distribution has a justification, so no skills were simply placed without consideration. Some room has to be allowed though for the assumption that many skills have both mental and physical aspects in their applications.

Because the distributed nature makes it more difficult to raise any one particular attribute by focusing on its primary skills, the major and minor skill percentages are set to 70.

The Long Road:

Sets major and minor skill percentages to 33.33% and maximum level to 100. Only use if you like dieing a lot or are using a monster/loot mod that makes high levels less detrimental.

The Malcontent's Onus:

Sets major skill percentage to 40, minor to 20, and special to 10. Use if you do not want to be able to maximize every attribute.

The Master of All:

Sets the leveling method to specialization skills, marks all skills as being specialized, and sets major and minor skill percentages to 0, and specialization to 33.33. This makes it so all skills count toward your level, and all count equally towards attributes.

The Nexus:

As the Great Wheel, but with more points allocated to the secondary and tertiary attributes. Skill percentages are 50% just as default making this a more difficult path overall, but a good choice for jack-of-all-trade types.

The Two Rings:

Based around MikeSN and Fuzzball's Skills Rebalanced Mod. This is a skill redistibution scheme which also changes the per level Health calculation to be 4% Endurance, 4% Strength, and 2% Willpower. All other settings are as default. This should be used in conjuction with their rebalance .esp located here: http://www.tesnexus.com/files/cache/4081.html

Str Agi Spd Int Wil Per End Totals
50 25 0 0 0 0 25 100 Armorer
50 0 25 0 0 0 25 100 Heavy Armor
50 0 25 0 0 0 25 100 Blunt
25 50 25 0 0 0 0 100 Blade
0 50 25 25 0 0 0 100 Security
0 50 25 0 0 0 25 100 Sneak
25 25 50 0 0 0 0 100 Acrobatics
0 25 50 0 0 0 25 100 Hand to Hand
25 25 50 0 0 0 0 100 Light Armor
0 0 0 50 25 25 0 100 Alchemy
0 0 0 50 25 25 0 100 Alteration
0 0 0 50 25 25 0 100 Mysticism
0 0 0 25 50 25 0 100 Conjuration
0 0 0 25 50 25 0 100 Destruction
0 0 0 0 50 25 25 100 Restoration
0 0 0 25 25 50 0 100 Illusion
0 0 0 25 25 50 0 100 Mercantile
0 0 0 25 25 50 0 100 Speechcraft
25 0 25 0 0 0 50 100 Athletics
25 25 0 0 0 0 50 100 Block
25 25 0 0 0 0 50 100 Marksman
300 300 300 300 300 300 300 2100

The Vagabond Hero:

Sets leveling to attribute based and luck to adventuring method.

The Void:

This sets the leveling method to specialization and marks all skills as not being specialization. This completely stops leveling. A good choice for characters that are temporarily having a hard time and need to build a few skills and attributes to catch up.

Known Issues


Troubleshooting & Conflicts

Before reporting bugs, please be sure to understand the options you chose if any, and also be sure to check for newer versions. Please provide as many details as to what options you are using, your skill scores, level, and attribute scores. I need details beyond, "I increased my alchemy but nothing happened" in order to help you.

Some vampire mods may conflict because of the way vampirism abilities are handled. Mod makers, please contact me to find out how to make your mod work with character leveling mods.

Also, please do not use with other character leveling mods with KCAS. Item and monster leveling mods should work fine. No other actual conflicts are known.

"Conflict detectors" are tools better suited to track down conflicts rather than predicting them. They can only show parts of the game that were altered by different plug-ins. Multiple modifications to the same cell, quest, etc. may have absolutely no bearing on each other. Please do not report these unless there is a demonstratable conflict in-game.

These are the known "conflicts" reported by such tools:

Skip Intro and Cure for Fatigue: Both alter the tutorial quest. No conflict.

DLCFrostcrag and Character Advancement System: This allows the alchemy fortification to function correctly and should not be set to ignore. It does not matter which is loaded first.


To uninstall, delete your Oblivion\Data\menus folder. If you have other .xml files installed for other mods, only delete the files listed below in the "Includes" list.

To undo the effects of this mod (level change, attribute increase), you will need to use the command line to reset your character's attributes and level. To access the command line, hit the '~" key. The command to set stats is "player.setactorvalue blade 30". This will set your Blade skill to 30. Replace "blade" with the name of a skill or attribute and the number you want to make it. Press enter to execute the command, and '~' again to return to the game. To revert your level, type "player.setlevel 1". This example will set your level to 1.

Before returning to standard Oblivion, use "Change Class" under the Expert Level menu. This will reset the counter used to track level advancement. Not doing so will cause your character level to be stuck. You can also use the console command "showclassmenu", but you will then need to undo any level-up changes if desired.

Standalone Plug-ins

Cure for Fatigue Mod

Replaces incorrect usages of "Fatigue" in the game with "Stamina". In most places in the game but not all, fatigue is used to mean the exact opposite. This is a purely cosmetic alteration. Please be sure to also install Oblivion\Data\menus\strings.xml.

Health Modifier Mod

By default, your Health is Endurance x 2 + Enduarance / 10 * Level.

The Health Modifier Mod changes Health to be simply Endurance x6. Most characters will start off with more Health at the beginning of the game than normal, but Health will not increase with level. Each improvement in Endurance though will increase Health, for a maximum of 600 at level 50 with no other modifiers. If you use this mod and revert to the standard system, be sure to be at full Health when you load your game. Losing Health this way can result in a negative Health value and you will be unable to move. Casting healing spells or using the command line can rectify this.

Lighter Backpack Mod

This doubles the encumbrance you can normally carry. This can be considered a cheat, however many find the encumbrance values of items to be unrealistically high so this can also be considered a quick and easy fix.

Skip Intro Mod

Skips past the beginning dungeon and gives you some basic starting equipment. Please uncheck once you have created your character.

Slower Skills Mods

These slow the rate your character gains skills, which in turn slows down attribute and level gain. Use only one at a time.


KCAS Required File:

Oblivion\Data\Kobu's Character Advancement System.esp (main file)

Optional/Standalone Files:

Oblivion\Data\menus\levelup_menu.xml (removes option to get three +1s to attributes a level)

Oblivion\Data\menus\DarkUI_levelup_menu.xml (rename to levelup_menu.xml if using DarkUI style menus)

Oblivion\Data\menus\main\stats_menu.xml (removes level progress bar for KCAS)

Oblivion\Data\menus\main\BTMod_stats_menu.xml (rename to stats_menu.xml if using BTmod-style menus)

Oblivion\Data\menus\main\DarkUI_stats_menu.xml (rename to stats_menu.xml if using DarkUI-style menus)

Oblivion\Data\menus\main\DarNified_stats_menu.xml (rename to stats_menu.xml if using DarNified menus)

Oblivion\Data\Kobu's Health Modifer Mod.esp (Sets Health to Endurance x6)

Oblivion\Data\Kobu's Lighter Backpack Mod.esp (Doubles carrying capacity)

Oblivion\Data\Kobu's 1.5x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x Slower Skills Mod.esp (Slows skill gain which in turn slows leveling)

Oblivion\Data\Kobu's Cure for Fatigue Mod.esp (cosmetic change to replace "fatigue" with "stamina")

Oblivion\Data\menus\strings.xml (for use with Cure for Fatigue)

Oblivion\Data\Kobu's Skip Intro Mod.esp (skip the first dungeon)

Version History:

2.4.1 Fixed bug in Expert Level menu that would cause the script to improperly terminate. Fixed Change Class script ignoring major skill channges.

2.4 It is highly recommended that when upgrading to version 2.4 that you unload your older version of KCAS, load your game and save, and then load version 2.4 of KCAS!

Added the ability to specify Major Skills. Fixed History display bug for the Skeleton Key and Frostcraig Alchemy Buff. Added a mortar and pestle to the starting equipment in Skip Intro.

2.3.1 Altered formula for determining Luck by adventuring. It should not increase quite so easily now.

2.3 Modified vampirism for a final time. This will require current vampires to unload and reload KCAS. Added Personality Enhancement Mod. Added Jack-of-All-Trades Mods.

2.2.1 Fixed Change Class and Change Race menus so they do not reset skills and attributes. Fixed Skip Intro so that KCAS will not run until it completes.

2.2 Added option to change per level bonuses for derived attributes. Added options to change birthsign, class, and race so KCAS will be aware of the changes. Added option in Specialization Skills to change the default specialization. Added option for Luck to always add +1 per level. Fixed bug in Birthsign menu where it would not reset maximum attributes correctly. Fixed issue where using standard level-up menu would count attribute increases towards next level. Removed need for uninstall plug-in.

2.1.1 Revised script execution order to insure that only one is being executed at a time.

2.1 Added The Nexus, The Two Rings, and The Void Paths. Added ability to view attribute rate gains and improved the level information screen. Added check to prevent History from crashing if the rate reset script has not completed. Fixed a configuration error with The Great Wheel. Revised Skip Intro to better control quest screens and also eliminate the friendly assassin. Fixed bug with Skill Percentages not running the rate reset script. Changing options no longer loses progress towards attributes and level. Divided Book of Destiny into beginning and advanced sections.

2.0.3 Added extra check to make sure the main script does not run while rates are being reset.

2.0.2 Fixed a very bad error with attribute leveling that would not account for enchantment attribute fortifications. Fixed a few more errors with Paths.

2.0.1 Fixed a few errors with Paths not setting the correct options.

2.0 KCAS is redesigned to be immersive with a new direction of adding character advancement related content to suppliment the underlying system. Added skill/attribute redistribution. Added 7 preset configurations.

1.13 Added option to change the level cap. Added view statistics feature. Continued to revise menus to be more user-friendly.

1.12.1 Added minor power "Alter Destiny" to display options. Fixed bug with reverting to original specialization skills.

1.12 Added skill bonuses you can specify. Added ability to specify exactly what skills count for leveling. Added Adventurer Method for luck calculation. Revised some menus to make them more user-friendly.

1.11.1 Fixed 1.11 bug with attribute leveling.

1.11 Reworked all option menus so option selection is no longer linear. Finialized vampirism as a disease. Fixed bug where the launch or main script could crash due to a divide by zero error.

1.10.5 Added fix for Alchemetical Brilliance, part of the Wizard's Tower official mod.

1.10.4 Fixed error introduced in 1.10 with attributes not lowering properly with that option. Fixed second error with percentages not factoring into max attribute score.

1.10.3 One of the vampirism spells was not working properly, changed back to ability for now.

1.10.2 Removed the possibility of a few more things triggering the Tutorial after using Skip Intro.

1.10.1 Set Charactergen quest stage to 88 for official mods.

1.10 Attribute and level gain now uses starting stats as a baseline (no more catching up to original stats). Added 1.5x Slower Skills Mod. Skip Intro mod should no longer all the tutorial quest to trigger when moving in the prison cell. Vampirism now a disease (I got tired of dealing with it in scripts).

1.9.2 Bundled Kobu's CAS Uninstall.esp to help return to standard Oblivion. Fixed issue with configuration level-up screen giving actual attribute increases.

1.9.1 Enabled the customization menus reset script.

1.9 Added attribute leveling method. Added option to lower initial attribute scores to match skills. Added custom birthsign menu to capture bonus for leveling script. Fixed a few problems introduced in the last version with regard to birthsigns and permanent skill increases. Fixed a problem with the Skip Intro mod where the tutorial quest would start up again.

1.8 Added customization for attribute gain based on major, minor, and/or specialization skills. Added option to use specialization skills to determine level. Replaced extraordinary attribute selection with unlimited attribute cap increase options. Changed default attribute gain percentage for minor skills to 50% to be more inline with standard Oblivion.

1.7.1 Fixed bug with level calculation. Fixed bug with scripts not terminating properly.

1.7 Completed custom options framework and menus. Made extraordinary attributes optional. Added Lighter Backpack Mod.

1.6 Added racial attribute caps option.

1.5.4 Added Skip Intro Mod. Removed need to rest to get level up window (for skill trainer reset).

1.5.3 Added x3 and x4 skill slow mods. Enabled check so leveling mod only runs on skill increase (was commented out previously to make sure things were working).

1.5.2 Leveling mod now starts after exiting the sewers instead of when a class is chosen. Hopefully made the last of the vampirism fixes.

1.5.1 Fixed default Health so that it correctly increases with level.

1.5 Renamed as KCAS with new focus on modularity. Added additional fixes for vampires. Added work-around to reset trainers. Separated Health calculation to separate .esp file. Included three slower skill gain mods. Included Stamina mod to replace "Fatigue".

1.4.3: Decreased attribute gain with major skills. Fixed Skeleton Key bug. Fixed calibration 'hiccup' when first loading mod.

1.4.2: Fixed bug with with not being able to select attributes that are maxed as primary.

1.4.1: Fixed bug with primary attributes not being set correctly.

1.4: Major and minor skills now weighted. Level depended on only major skills. Added primary attribute feature.

1.3: No longer requires rest to advance. Added advancement messages. Fixed bug with The Steed birthsign.

1.2: Fixed a game crashing bug with major skill advancement. Removed attribute loss from low skills.

1.1: Reduced health multiplier to x6 and maximum level to 50 for game balance. Fixed bug with pre-leveled characters' health not resetting correctly.