Imeperial legion

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Author: Ice Eyes
Version: 3.1
Last Updated: The file was last updated 24 December 2010
Requires: Oblivion Patch 2.4 and Oblivion Mod Manager
Download(s): TES Nexus

The Imperial Legion

This plugin allows players to become a member of the Imperial Guard. (Players will not be able to join if they have an infamy higher than seven - it should also be noted that Players need to have reached the quest stage which appears once you venture out of the Imperial Sewers; having completed the vanilla Character Generation. The console code for this stage is MQ01 90)

It is just the same as other guilds in the vanilla game: There is the opportunity to complete added side quests and advance in rank. However promotions, unlike the usual, are not awarded just with completion of the guild quests. Players will earn promotion based on how high their fame reaches. Additionally, some of the quests only become available once the player has reached the warranted rank. This can mean that some of the quests can be performed in varying orders.

Aside from the quest line for the guild, Players can also threaten the general population of Cyrodiil, with different threats for each race. For instance, Redguards can be accused of trespassing while Orcs and Nords can have all of their items confiscated. The NPC's willingness to conform will depend on their disposition to the player. Lower dispositions result in combat while higher ones result in co-operation. There are also common criminals added to the streets of each city which players can optionally arrest.

An example of the Player making an arrest

Players will be expelled from The Imperial Legion if their bounty exceeds 75, however this does not apply if the Player is wearing the Cowl of Nocturnal.

In total the mod adds over five and a half extra hours of gameplay, with a range of rewards which players can achieve.


The plot centers around tensions between the Imperial Legion and the Mages Guild; the player having to catch an escaped master-theif convict Triock; and a rogue band of Necromancers known as the "Ravers." Although not apparent at first, each sub-plot converges at the finale of the mod's main quest, in which Players are faced with an open ended conclusion.


There has been several released versions of this mod. These are: a Beta Version, Version 1, Version 2 & 3 and the updated 3.1 version - which is almost identical to version 3, except that it is in OMOD Format. All of these versions have been on TESNEXUS:

  • The Beta version of the mod was downloaded 3,533 times and received 13 endorsements.
  • Version 2 was downloaded 9,214 times and received 9 endorsements.
  • Version 3.2 was downloaded 7701 times and gained 17 endorsements.

Recent Updates

On the 31 May 2011 a "new file" was added to the TES NEXUS which as a teaser trailer for a version 4 of the Imperial Legion, to be released in July 2011. Version 4 promises to bring 6 or 7 additional quests to the mod as well as fix remaining bugs in the mod. The trailer depicts the ceremonial cremation, by the Imperial Guard, of the dead body of Captain Amorine (a character in the mod), outside of the Imperial City. It can be viewed here