Elsweyr the Deserts of Anequina

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Author: Iliana
Version: 3
Last Updated: November 2010
Requires: patch 1.2
Download(s): TES Nexus


High beyond the hills of the Niben lies the great desert plateau of central Elsweyr. From sandy desert wastes to rocky, red badlands, from grassy savannah to jungle coast, the lands of Anequina beckon.

This new region, spanning the section of Elsweyr between Skingrad and Leyawiin, includes four new landscapes, three new towns, several villages, Khajiit sub-races, and a monster-filled wilderness to explore. It now includes quests added by popular demand, and the area offers alternate routes from Skingrad and the IC to Leyawiin, giving you lots of reasons to traverse it while pursuing vanilla or other mod quests.

The deserts and badlands of Anequina are hidden behind high hill ranges, so are not readily visible from Cyrodiil, despite their close proximity.


  • Twenty-four new mini-quests and three joinable guilds. The guild quests are still being created.
  • Four new landscapes : Savannah, Sand Desert, Rocky Badlands, Coastal Jungle and also a small coral reef.
  • The cities of Corinthe, Riverhold, Orcrest and Dune.
  • The villages of Alabaster & Duncori Walk.
  • The waystops of King's Walk and Darkarn Place.
  • The imperial forts of Seaplace and Riverkeep.
  • More than 400 new NPCs including custom desert bandits and Khajiit tribesmen.
  • Buyable elephant mount from the King's Walk caravanserie (on the road between Riverhold & Orcrest).
  • Buyable house in Riverhold.
  • A few caves and three hostile tribal villages.
  • Custom monster-spawns and new creatures in the wilderness.
  • A new road from Skingrad to Leyawiin, and from Faregyl Inn south.
  • New plants, ingredients, armor, weapons, and other items.
  • New Khajiit NPC sub-races (based on lore).


A. The in-game borders must be disabled. See installation instructions below.

B. The latest official Oblivion patch is needed to run this mod:-- Download Official Oblivion Patch

Optional Add-on Mods

These are some additional mods made by others to work with Elsweyr Anequina.

1. Optional In-Game Maps (Five types, pick the one you like!) A. Download Colour Map by Yian This map comes with its own esp. B. Download Resized Colour Map by Kyoma A resized version of Yian's map. C. Download Colour Map by Volkar Combines Elsweyr Map by Yian with those of various other mods. Includes its own esp. D. Download Elven Map by BigOriginal E. Download Antiquated May by Xtudo F. Download Topographical Map by Worm Includes its own esp.

2. Anequina Manor (Player Home) This mod adds a sumptuous player home at the oasis half way between Orcrest and Dune. Download Reaper's Anequina's Manor

3. Better Music System (Custom Music) Download Better Music

4. RAEVWD (Everything Visible When Distant) An RAEVWD extension for Elsweyr by Arthmoor. Only recommended for higher end computers. Download Elsweyr RAEVWD Note : You need to run the TES4LODGen utility after adding the RAEVWD files.

5. Elsweyr-Valenwood Heightmap Extension This mod by Onra adds a blank landscape canvas for the missing southern half of Elsweyr and Valenwood. The land is empty and it is currently intended more as a modders resource. Download Valenwood Heightmap

6. Sensual Walks for Female NPCs by Surazal includes many Elsweyr NPCs


1. "You can't go this way, please turn back" message means the borders haven't been disabled yet. See the installation instructions. Its just a matter of changing a single digit in a file.

2. Some things are pink. This just means you are missing some of the textures. There's a few reasons why this might have happened-- A. Make sure that the files did actually download properly. A temporary internet disruption may result in a RAR file arriving incomplete on your computer. You can compare the file size of the one you have with the one on the downloads page. B. Check that you have installed all the textures from both Parts02 and 03, and that nothing has been extracted by WinRAR to the wrong folder. Sometimes you can end up with the files accidentally being extracted to Data/Textures/Textures/ instead of just Data/Textures/.

To quickly check that you have extracted all the folders correctly, see if you can find these two "marker" directories in your Oblivion folder:-- Oblivion/Data/Textures/Anequina/ Oblivion/Data/Textures/Characters/AnequinaCathay/ If either is missing, extract the files again.

3. Game Crashes Make sure you have the latest Official Patch installed. And also that all the texture files from Parts1 and 2 of the download are in place. The Oblivion game just can't handle things like NPCs missing their skins or missing textures for armor they are wearing.

4. Distant landscape loses its textures or a giant gap appears in the mountain This mod comes with a new set of distant landscape files for the Elsweyr region. But sometimes other mods will overwrite these and the new distant landscape in the area with vanish. To make it easy to restore these if you lose them I have uploaded a separate Optional file called ElsweyrLandscapeLOD which contains just these eight files. So if you ever lose the distant land view you can just grab that small download to restore them.

If you're having any problems you can also leave a note in Comments or PM me.