Diamok's Race Pack

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Author: Diamok
Thread(s): Nexus Forums
Version: 0.1
Last Updated: April 2nd, 2006
Download(s): TES Nexus


This Race Pack adds 13 new races including, Elf, Hobbit, Orc, and Uruk-hai from Tolkien. Hill, Fire, Frost and Storm Giants from 1st addition D&D. 5 Old school D&D Psionic Imperial with new lessor powers.

I have tested all of these packs and they all seem to work just fine. If you find any errors, problems or conflicks, please post in the mods forum and let me know.

If you disagree with what I've come up with, get the TES4 construction kit and make your own. Smile

Tolkien Races

I loved the books and loved the movies, yes, even the animated ones.

Here are my takes on 4 of Tolkiens demi-human races, Elf, Hobbit, Orc, and Uruk-hai.

Elf - All Wood Elves are now Tolkien Elves. - Modified attributes. - Modified Height and Weight. (lowered) - Added Redgaurd Poison resistance special. - Created Elven Marksman special. - Created Elven Healing.

Hobbit - Created Hobbit race. - Added Redgaurd Poison resistance special. - Created Marksman special. - Created Alchemy special.

Orc - All Orcs are now Tolkien Orcs. - Removed all specials. - Modified attributes. (Lowerd) - Modified Heigth and Weight (lowerd) - Modified FaceGen Data

Uruk-hai - Created Uruk-hai by copying Orc race. - Modified Attributes. - Created Uruk-hai Battle Rage special. - Created Uruk-hai Cause Fear special. - Modified Height and Weight. (Set to my liking) - Modified FaceGen Data.

Giant Races

It's all about being large and in charge with Giants.

I have created 4 new Giant races based off of first edition D&D rules. Hill, Fire, Frost and Storm are recreated as close as I could do with out scripting.

Giants - Copied Imerial race to create Hill Giant, then copied each one after the other for ease of changes per race. - Modified some FaceGen Data here and there. - Added/Modified some Reactions here and there.

Specials Created - Giant Strenght. (All have this special and is implemented as a Lessor Power..Ability wasn't working correctly.) - Summon Bear. (Hill Giatns can summon 1 bear a dat for a half hour. - Fire Giant Fire Resistance. - Frost Giant Frost Resistance. - Storm Giant Lightning. (This is a Lessor power that does novice damage).

Classes - Created 3 simple classes for the Hill, Fire and Frost Giants. These 3 are less likely to be anything but a warrior type, where as a Storm Giant could be played as just about anything.

Old School D&D Style Psionic Character/Races

I am a long time table top rpg player who began his quest back in 1975 playing you guessed it, D&D. I have always loved Psionics or any Psionic/Force style power in any rpg system I've played. You just can't beat having a thief running around blasting people with his mind, all the while stealing anything he sees.

I've put together 13 Psionic Style Lessor Powers and created 5 new Imperial races. I had to create new races as this was the only idea I could come up with for implementing these Psionic Lessor Powers. (not a scripter)

Simply start a new game as usual, then select which new Psionic Imperial you'd like to play.

Run down of races and which Psionic powers they have.

5 New Imperial Psionic Races

1: Psionic Imperial - Controler (Psionics: 3, 8, 9, 10) 2: Psionic Imperial - Defender (Psionics: 1, 7, 11, 13) 3: Psionic Imperial - Destructor (Psionics: 2, 4, 6, 7) 4: Psionic Imperial - Generalist (Psionics: 2, 5, 8, 13) 5: Psionic Imperial - Introvert (Psionics: 1, 7, 12, 13)

13 New Psionic Lessor Powers

1: Psionic Absorb Health - Steal the health of your opponent on a touch. 2: Psionic Blast - Your basic mind attack doing damage to health. 3: Psionic Creature Command - Command a creature. 4: Psionic Crush - Journetman level mind attack doing damage to health. 5: Psionic Demoralize - Cause fear in your opponent. 6: Psionic Drain - Drain the fatigue from your opponent. 7: Psionic Fortification - At the cost of some health you can regain some magicka. 8: Psionic Kinesis - Telekesis anyone? 9: Psionic Mind Control - Charm that hottie to go out with you, or to stop attacking you. 10: Psionic Paralyze - Paralyze that hottie so...uh...well. Smile. 11: Psionic Resist Magic - Resist some magic. 12: Psionic Self Heal - Give yourself a boost to your health. 13: Psionic Shield - Personal shield.