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Author: Ryan
Thread(s): search for mod title
Requires: Shivering Isles suggested but not necessary

M.Syd jr.'s Blood & Mud

M.Syd jr.'s Blood & Mud, does major changes to the city of Bravil, adds new fully voice-acted characters, armours, weapons, items, props and includes three new quests to Oblivion dealing with the final days of the forgotten realm of Ruun.




Blood and Mud inserts 15 new NPCs to Bravil along with new homes, daily procedures and hundreds of unique dialog-lines compatible with original characters and spoken dialog lines (topics) to enlarge Braveel 's town-life. This does mean, that new characters are not only able to chat with the player, they are also proficient to have conversations with any other NPC about any generic topic in the world of Cyrodiil.

Further the shape of Bravil was complementarily changed with new house, castle and chapel textures and redesigned to improve the feeling of a swampy residence full of proud and local riff-raff, momentarily civilized by the one-man-executive Marwen (the local Hangman). While many additions were made to the town, the original city-design was maintained, to keep Blood&Mud as compatible to other mods and the original town-design as possible.

Beside new textures and NPCs, B&M also contains new braveelian-like clothes, weapons and armours and embeds content of the same kind from other mods in the city, the quests or the local Goodies n' More-store. Next to eastereggs of different kinds and some 'legal-helpers'. Mainly original items the player-character wants to get faster or likes to enjoy twice during the game (hintword: poisoned apple), without console-commands.


Prayer Chamber

Three major quests begin in Bravil, but their plot gathers around the ancient realm of Ruun, what was lead into distinction by the religious conversion of its King Ardan of Vlânor: The Blade of the Goddess, Bloodscripts, The Legacy of Ardan.

The quests do not automatically start with the mod, the player will encounter them during his/her journeys in Bravil. The quest-design in B&M focuses on the motivation to go onto an adventure, what leads the player to places undiscovered for centuries.

The quests are slightly riddle-based and beatable in an average game-time of 12-18 hours (4-6 hours each).


DirtDeluxe Anglais English Trailer

Blood&Mud BravilScum German Teaser of B&M I

Blood&Mud Bloodscripts German Trailer of B&M II

Blood&Mud Trial German Trailer of B&M III

CryMercy Remix Oblivion dance video, with characters and English voice-samples from Blood and Mud


Three German video walkthroughs are available for the Blood&Mud quests. Moderated by Ryan and the character MaSydJun: The Blade of the Goddess Bloodscripts Legacy of Ardan

Additional Content

Quarl Textures for Blood and Mud texture replacer by Dev_Akm

OMOD Version provided by Wolfpup (scroll down on page)

Compatibility Patches

FCOM / B&M fix provided with FCOM

Better Cities / B&M fix provided with BetterCities Full

Open Better Cities / B&M fix provided with OpenBetterCities

The Lost Spires provided compatibility since patch 0.9

Bloody Quelldorf Quelldorf / B&M fix additional available by Muecke

Version Changes

Blood and Mud was first released for the German version of Oblivion, starting in April 2006 with Blood&Mud - Bravil Scum, what was at this time not intended to become a "mod-series" or being translated into another language.

Nevertheless in January 2007 the three B&M parts were packed into the DirtDeluxe (package) version, what served later as a base for the translated English version: DirtDeluxe Anglais, which content differs from its German original. Three major features are not included in the English DirtDeluxe Anglais version:

- 24 books, with short-stories written by German fantasy-authors
- dialog-lines of basically nine castle-characters
- visual dream-sequence at quest-start

The DirtDeluxe-Anglais package was more focused on game-play and technical advancements. Finally it adds some content to the mod what is not included in the German version:

- new bar-music added to the Swamphole-Tavern
- more AI-packages to improve daily town-life
- new idle-animations (only viewable if SI is installed)
- quests were linked together
- mod-museum easteregg was added


May 05 2006 M.Syd jr.'s Blood&Mud I Bravil Scum

August 08 2006 M.Syd jr.'s Blood&Mud II Bloodscripts

November 17 2006 M.Syd jr.'s Blood&Mud III Trial

January 27 2007 M.Syd jr.'s DirtDeluxe

July 2 2007 M.Syd jr.'s DirtDeluxe Anglais


Voice actors Blood&Mud (English)

Sandra Guetting
Ranzan Jun
Sylvia & Alyshia
(Blood-Guard Skelleton & Voices in Ruun)
Lucy Elensar
Nanya of Vlânor
Melyssa the Barmaid
Sophie Hermanns
Riia the Woodelf
Namira Priestess
Sandra Waris
Aina the Mad
Janine Dalisda
Jainy Tessaly
Lessian Cainesir
Nuun of Vlânor
Bjorn Maschmeier
Marwen the Hangman
Captain Ansol
Ordan the Mighty
Wolfgang Lennart Prokoph
Ryan O.Hershey
MaSyd Jun
(sounds of the Shadow-Hunters)
Paulo Simoes
Simon Phoenix
King Ardan