300 Classes

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Authors: Cleitanious and Symbiode
Version: 2.0
Download(s): Planet Elder Scrolls (ver. 1.2)


To make each class more desirable, I have decided to give them each a unique ability/power. I feel that choosing a class should award the player with something unique to that class instead of the generic master of all trades, chars we have.

An enhanced mod, 300 Classes UVW, has been made by an unrelated pair.

New Class powers


  • Lesser Power: Nimbus of Light - A toggle spell that when active causes the Paladin to glow with a holy light, allowing him to see in the darkest places, it also increases their personality score but makes stealth impossible.
  • Power: Lay on hands - The Paladin may heal the greatest of wounds instantly, at the cost of his entire magicka reserve.
  • Power: Divine Shield - The Paladin is immune to all damage for 10 seconds, however he is also unable to damage others or cast spells for the duration.
  • Power: Divine Justice - The Paladin may destroy target creature at the cost of his entire magicka reserve.


  • Ability: Myrmidon's Might - A Myrmidon is a hardy warrior who has 10% resistance to all elements, but is unable to cast any non-myrmidon spells.
  • Power: Myrmidon's rage - the Myrmidon goes into a ferocious rage and is all but invincible for 10 seconds, after the duration the Myrmidon passes out.


  • Lesser Power: Long Jump - The Acrobat performs a superhuman jump, gaining + 50 Acrobatics and +50 speed for 3 seconds, at the cost of 100 Fatigue.
  • Ability - Acrobat's Luck - Acrobats are extraordinarily lucky and gain +20 luck permanently.